About Me

Hi. Welcome to Heavy Disc.

I write about disc golf. 

I started writing a long time ago, mostly as a way to document my climbing adventures in Yosemite. Eventually that transformed into writing about back country skiing and then ski mountaineering trips. 

I enjoy writing.  It gives me a chance to capture those exciting feelings that are so easy to forget.

In June of 2013,  I thought it would be fun to join my younger brother for a round of disc golf and that kicked off a ridiculous journey down this rabbit hole. I played morning, noon and night for the better part of the following year. In the winter I played in the snow, dragged a basket into my basement to practice putting and eventually hung up an old blanket to practice throwing discs into. 

I still haven't slowed down and I'm having as much fun as possible. 

I'm glad you found this place and I hope you find something you enjoy reading. If you are interested in writing something for the blog, I'm always open to having more authors - just drop me a line at HeavyDiscBlog@gmail.com and we'll get it worked out.

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  1. Hi dad. It is me Noah. He did not no so many people liked you. Love you, sincerely your son