Monday, April 25, 2016

Training for Tournaments

By Jason

Hodge-podge post!

Got an interesting email from a woman in school for massage therapy that is doing a project on disc golf. (Hey Erin and Justin!) She asked the following:
  1. What (if any) training routines/techniques would someone use to prepare for a disc golf tournament?
  2. What are common injuries, short- or long-term, that result from playing disc golf?
  3. What muscles are used? What muscles are over-used or over-compensated?
  4. What self-care habits do you recommend for disc golfers? (ie. diet, fluid intake, stretches, massage, etc) 
I'm a major slacker when it comes to real preparation - most of my warm ups look quite like Ryan's!

I do have a generic core set of principals that I use - that are shared below:

1. Training for tournaments. 

Tournament play can be extremely slow and have you on your feet for a big part of the day, probably carrying a well-stocked backpack, umbrella and stool. It's most similar to training for technical trail hiking in terms of training. A stroke or 5 lost at the end of the round due to fatigue is very common - so having the reserve strength to play as well at the end of the day as the beginning comes from being physically prepared.
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Anaerobic Endurance
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Lower Body Strength
  • Flexibility
If the player had the ability to play a tournament style day once a week - meaning 2 full rounds, at a tournament pace - that would be ideal. It's slow, it's painful and it is the best way to adjust yourself to the physical demands and pace of play.

3-4 days a week, I'd hike for an hour over varied terrain - this could be joined with playing disc golf as well, if possible.

Jogging / treadmill / elliptical trainers used in an interval style training would improve cardio and general fitness.

2. Common injuries: 

  • Tennis Elbow: Over gripping the disc too early in your swing, poor form, over use
  • Neck Strain: From strong arming the disc instead of driving the power from the ground up, incorporating your hips. Also caused from "over-opening" the shoulders (which is also caused from not building the throw from the ground up.
  • Plantar fasciatas - this comes from wearing out your feet. Planting and twisting on your plant foot can cause a tearing of the bottom of your foot's connective tissues.

What muscles are used

Your entire body is engaged in playing disc golf, but the throwing arm side of the body is going to over develop. Your neck, shoulder, back (upper and lower) are going to overdevelop on the throwing side compared to your non-throwing side. This has a nasty habit of causing neck strain, nerve pain, back pain in the long run. Hands down best thing I can suggest is a general floor exercise routine of push ups, sit ups, squats, stretching and pull-ups and chin-ups. Having a general fitness level will help keep the muscle groups in balance.

Diet - specific to tournament play

You want to have a huge amount of calories available on a tournament day. If you've ever played a long, hot tournament - you'll see guys DEAD TO THE WORLD at the end of the day. I don't ever suggest eating when throwing, but I do suggest finding down times to eat as often as possible. The goal is to not be hungry.

Fluid intake is massive. 5 liters would be a fair estimation depending on heat / sun. I would try to find ways to have water stashed at pre-determined check points because nobody wants to carry that amount of water - but hydrating from the time you're awake is key. 


I personally stretch the following: Neck, Back, fingers / wrists / elbows (the opposite way they naturally bend), hips, hamstrings, calves. I'll do these when I'm sitting around watching TV at night, and I'll add some basic stretching to my pre-round routine.  

I also wanted to talk a bit about the St. Jude's Research Hospital. My internet buddy Marty G - who works at the PDGA asked if I wouldn't mind sharing some of this information. Of course!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DGA Sail Review: Glide Monster

By Jason

Buy it here:

The numbers: Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -5, Fade 1

Pop Quiz for my discing amigos:

What would you say you do here?
Screen cap #1: is this disc going to fly on a hyzer? Flip to flat? Tough call right?! I'll give you another hint.

I deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers don't have to!
Screen cap #2: ohhhh, this will be a hyzer shot. Final answer. HYZER SHOT.

[Loud buzzer sound] No, sorry friends - let's go to the tape.

DGA has made a driver that is an absolute glide monster. Big glide = big lift and if you're a player that has slower ejection speed, then high glide discs will keep you in the air for a nice long time. Players throwing 300-325' are going to see a gorgeous S-Curve if thrown high and flat - or a flattening anhyzer that could easily push them to the far end of their max distance.

Younger players and folks that are new to the disc golf scene will benefit the most from high glide discs like the Sail. If you were hoping to talk your girlfriend / wife / boyfriend / husband into joining you for a round - this would be a great option.

(I do not suggest inviting all 4 to join you for the same round. Drama.)

When powered up, the Sail can absolutely roll for days. I threw a high sky annie and it knifed to the ground about 250' out and rolled an additional 200'. Heavy tail winds? That extra lift is going to keep you in the air way better than a TeeBird. Imagine a spinnaker on a boat.

It's gonna go far.

Can you hyzer flip this disc for distance shots > 400'. Not without some substantial tail wind.  I managed to get a couple shots to flip and stay flat enough for a full flight, but I did have it powered down to about 50-60%. Most players throwing those distances will appreciate more stability.

As always, DGA plastic is some of the best on the market. An over-powered hyzer happened to flip into a parking lot and take a direct curb strike. Not even a scratch.

TL; DR; Amazing glide, newer players will love it.