Denver Courses

Metro Denver has a handful of disc golf courses that are pretty darn good. For being a large city, it's definitely not a ton of courses, but since property is expensive, we have to make due with what we've got. Venturing an hour away and you can find some gorgeous mountain courses, but those are a good deal harder to get to before/after work for most of the 9-5 crowd. This list is just centered on the higher quality Denver area courses - and we'll get a good list of mountain courses later.

I know there are more courses in metro-Denver that I didn't list - but for the most part these are the ones to hit first and then once you're bored, have a go at some of the others.

Fehringer Ranch:
Link: DG Course Review

With the exception of dirt tee-boxes, that have become very lumpy, Fehringer one of the newest and nicest courses in Denver. Considering what the developers where working with in terms of trees and elevation, they really managed to come up with a nice layout. This course is still a work in progress, though, and the single pin placements and lumpy tee-boxes will hopefully be up-graded in the not so distant future. There's a number of holes in the 450+ range, which are very bird-able for the long arms, and plenty of shorter accuracy shots for the rest of us.

PERMENANTLY CLOSED: Colorado Heights University (CHU) - (Denver)
Link: DG Course Review CHU was by far my favorite around the city, but it is permanently closed and the baskets are pulled.

Badlands / Blair Witch (Federal Heights)
Link: DG Course Review
A little snow never stopped these bearded brothers.
Badlands is another favorite up in Federal Heights. Varied terrain, some fantastic tree golf in Blair Witch and some water hazards if you want to test your metal game. After this year's 303 Tournament, it looks like a 3rd course will be added making this area a real destination for disc golf.

Paco Sanchez / Lakewood Dry Gulch (Denver)
Link: DG Course Review
My brother hitting putts at Paco.
Paco is a very long course that is getting very popular since Johnny Roberts was pulled for renovation last year. Playing the full 21 involves close to 5 miles of walking and makes for a very "full-value" round. For some reason (parks, vandalism, funding) a number of baskets are currently tone poles and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. Hole 13's bucket was stolen - so it's often played safari style. The front side is extremely popular during the summer months, so it's common to see large groups after work and on the weekends - and because of the length of the backside, many people will play the first 8 holes and 21 twice.

The course plays right over and along side a very used public path, so it's extremely important to use caution when throwing. Also, it seems that the clowns in the area have decided that baskets make good scrap metal, so they've stolen #3 and #13 - which have joined about 3 other holes as "tone-poles". It appears that the city has no plans to replace the baskets.

Exposition Park (Aurora)
Link: DG Course Review

Expo is typically well groomed grass, though geese tend to pepper the place with poop through the winter, summer, spring and fall (catch my drift?). Not many trees on this course, so it's pretty much hyzer central and then hit your putt - but it's a good place to work on your game and unless you toss it in the pond, you'll find your disc pretty quick.

Birdsnest (Arvada, CO)
Link: DG Course Review

Not exactly metro-Denver, but pretty accessible from West Denver - Birdsnest is a good place to stretch out some longer shots with a couple fun holes that play among the trees. Not generally too crowded and also dog friendly, and it's dedicated to disc golf so you don't have to worry about pedestrian traffic. It can be one of the windier courses due to it's location in the foothills, so it's probably worth checking the forecast before heading out.

Village Greens (Greenwood Village, CO)
Link: DG Course Review

Weekend play is getting very crowded - and this course is not setup to handle big crowds very well. It can be played almost entirely with a putter and mid, with a few holes that you can throw a driver on. I'm not a huge fan, but like Expo - if you're looking for a place to work on your game, or to bring a beginner - this will fit the bill.

Johnny Roberts (Arvada, CO)
Link: DG Course Review

Johnny Roberts was recently (2014) re-worked. It's now a putter only course. 18 holes, perhaps 2 holes could be thrown with mid-ranges, but I've played ever hole with a putter and it's not really much to get excited about. Expect very large crowds on a weekend - but if you're looking to work on your short game, it is what it is.

Other courses that I very rarely play because of distance or quality:
Interlocken (Broomfield)
Green Valley Ranch (Denver)
Westminster (Westminster)
Springvale (Thornton)
David Lorenz (Centennial)
Arapahoe Community College (Littleton)


  1. thanks for the course info. i really enjoyed conifer and russell gulch during my colorado travels. not exactly denver courses, but worthy of mention in your blog comments

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