Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DGA Pipeline Review

By Jason

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DGA has been kind enough to send me some discs to review in the past. You may recall the DGA Sail Review where I tested their understable speed 11 driver. I guess I didn't screw that up too badly, because they asked if I'd throw their Pipeline and share my review. Ohhhh indeed sir, I say yes I shall review any disc you wish.

DGA has an almost cult-like following for a number of their discs. The Gumbputt seems to be in at least one guys bag on every round I play. The Breaker has been my brother's OS driving putter of choice for years. He sold me on it and I in turn sold a number of other players on it. The Rogue and the Hurricane started showing up in lots of bags as of late. DGA is making some moves.

Their ProLine plastic is beefy. Full on curb strikes, trees and gravel landings have not left a scratch.

DGA is making strides at creating a full modern bag and to be honest, they have created fans for a reason. They make some fantastic molds. As I saw the first chatter about this disc, I was extremely happy to see these magic numbers come up:

8 / 5 / 0 / 2

That's the holy grail of fairway driver numbers in my book.

Speed 8 means the rim is thin enough to leverage the snot out of. In the land of high speed drivers, holding the rim through the hit gets harder and harder as the rims get wider. Speed 8 is extremely easy to get a full ejection out of, so I really like it.

Glide 5 means you can let the disc do the work of getting down the fairway. 

Turn 0 means I can release it full power and flat.  Put the disc on a line drive and not worry about the disc working right and into a tree. 

Fade 2 means I can put some anhyzer into the release and it will fade back predictably. 

The Innova TeeBird is 7/5/0/2 and has been a staple of my bag for years because of those traits. The Pipeline has been able to do all the same things, with the added benefit of letting the disc stay up an extra 20' with that slightly faster shape.

The Pipeline does appear to come in 3 pretty noticeable flavors:

The Weights:
165-169g This disc does in fact have some noticeable high speed turn. 
170-172g Straight as an arrow with minimal fade with a full power shot.
173-175g You'll see some fade past 300'.

I felt like there is a spot in my bag for the 170-172g Pipeline as either a flip to flat and fade fairway driver or a pipe it down the fairway flat with minimal turn or fade. At the 173g-175g range, I felt like I had the headwind version of the disc. It could flip to flat on a slight hyzer in the wind and get back to the ground. In a headwind, the 170-172g version would certainly turn substantially.

Without wind, the max weight version can absolutely take 100% power shots and fly predictably 350-400', even on a slight anhyzer release.

DGA has really nailed it with this mold, especially in the 170-175g weights for me. The lighter options would be better suited to a smaller arm or for throwing uphill, as it will turn under power and as seen in the video - makes a fantastic option for a roller disc.

Link to Buy: Get One A Few