Monday, September 30, 2013

Beer and Sandpaper

I do love cracking a few Modelo Especial and getting my beat discs back into some semblance of shape. The Force (3rd from the top) is so beat in now that it is a dedicated roller disc.

Water Hazard at Paco

Baskets in the mist. I kind of miss having the baskets in the long position on Hole 3 at Paco Sanchez. You really had to leg it out there and on certain mornings you got to play "get your disc in before you get sprayed."

Moon shot.

Got a round in with my little brother at CHU (Colorado Heights University) in Denver. Last couple holes were definitely moonlit. So long later summer games.

Steve Perry!

My brother loves pulling this little trick when I'm putting. If you've never watched BASKETball, it's basically the ultimate jinx to say while somebody's shooting. "Steve Perry" typically only gets muttered if the game is close... but once somebody throws it out there, all jinxes become fair game.

The Fading Light

This time of year it feels like I'm constantly eeking out one more hole with the darkness threatening to eat my discs. Eventually I start throwing discs solely based on color. The white Aviar putter becomes a driver just so I can improve my chances of finding it.

This doodle started in a business meeting that was puttering along - later that night, while watching a dg tournament on youtube - I pulled it up in photoshop and monkeyed around with it.

Force Field Activated

Some days the force field is definitely ON and it's almost a thing of beauty if it wasn't so frustrating.