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The following are some nice emails and web posts that have come in from various people. I think they make for some cool reading and it's always a treat to get these and see that the posts are helping people! - Jason

From: Edward on Youtube
Date: December 12/3/2014

From: Tony
Date: October 10, 2014

A note to say thank you for your efforts to document your efforts to improve. The thread on the importance of the Beato drill was inspirational. I'd watched the Beato drill many times, but, I was not getting what I needed from it. Your patient instructions helped me see what I needed to see, and, finally, I'm making some improvement.

Last winter, when the snows were deep here in Minnesota I threw a few amazing shots from the fairway. These were standstill shots as there's not much else you can do knee deep in snow. I was proud of those shots and I was sure that once the snow melted that I'd be throwing farther than ever.

It wasn't to be. Once the snow was gone and run ups were possible again, I reverted to my old form and my short, inconsistent throws. So, I ended up playing very conservatively this year. I qualified for the Am Worlds (based on age) and my preparation for that event involved figuring out a way to stay out of trouble. I was definitely arming all my throws, but I played reasonably well during the event and brought my meager rating up 35 points.

Despite that improvement, I understood that my form was deficient, so I began breaking things down and starting from scratch. That's when I can across your thread which I read and reread repeatedly. I got myself throwing standstill again and started to rediscover that feeling from back in the deep of winter -- the weight shift in the hips, the elbow out, and the snap.

I've been in the field for a few weeks working on this and things are starting to come together. I'm throwing putters and mids farther than ever and more consistently. My driving distance is increasing, and even though my longest throws are still well shy 300 feet, I'm ecstatic. I'm confident I'll find more distance as I continue to work on this. In the last few days, I've had personal bests at three nearby courses, including a round with 6 birdies at the local 9-holer.

Over the past year, I worked with a few pros, and although they gave me valuable pointers, I think they gave me too much to consider. I was dealing with too many moving parts atop a shaky foundation, and I was getting nowhere. Your going back to the very basics and sticking with it was inspirational. I'm excited for you that you've been able to make so much improvement in a year, and I'm excited for me because I feel like I've overcome an obstacle that was beginning to seem insurmountable. I have more work to do, but now I feel that there is a good path to follow.

Date: 10-16-2014

I recommend that you head over to the Heavy Disc Blog and check out the work Jason has been putting together on the backhand drive. His latest posts are full of helpful footage of the pros as well as explanations of what to be aware of in their body mechanics.

One thing that I have improved in my own body mechanics is getting my elbow out in front of me on my drives. I’m getting my elbow up and out in front of me as if I was giving a friend next to me a ‘hard elbow jab to the shoulder.’ This one change has added 50 feet to my drives.

Date: 8-20-2014

Also, if you don’t follow the Heavy Disc blog, you need to stop reading this post right now and head over there. Jason has probably the best and most accessible form break down on the backhand anywhere on the web.  It’s all done from a stand still throw.  Without the fundamental skills he talks about there, what I’m about to talk about will not help you.  He’s also a great writer and a very fun read.

From: Robert via Email
Date: 10/2014

I have been following your blog for a couple months now because I am too on a quest to getting the perfect backhand drive (although I am only in the very early stages of application).

Your videos, blog posts and forum posts have been unbelievable!  Thank you!

I have been playing for a few summers now, only about a dozen times each summer, but because of my baseball background I immediately began driving predominantly forehand.  I am maxing out at about 400' on forehand drives.

The biggest problem was my back hand driving, which I was embarrassed to ever throw it from the tee since I couldn't throw further than 180' (yeah that is one hundred and eighty feet).

As you have mentioned with your struggles that you went down a dead end road with your driving and had to start back over from scratch, I too wanted to first understand the PROPER mechanics so I did not go down a wrong path and have to start over again.

I have started doing the Dan Beto right pec drill and the Feldberg towel drill (although not as frequent as I should...yet) and have now started hitting 250' stand still.

Anyway, sorry for the longwinded email, just wanted to say thanks for your posts and videos and keep them coming!!

From: Nathan via Email
Date: 10/2014

Hey Jason, I just found your blog right before I was going to play disc golf on a long weekend in New England. I was looking for some tips to increase my distance. I now realize I need to completely rebuild my throw.

I found Dave Dunipace's article on bent elbow throwing style years ago but never could make heads or tails of what I was supposed to do. All I got was a sore forearm from trying to snap my wrist. The videos you put together made it all clear.

I took video of my form and found that I was rounding out my reach back and lots of other things I'm sure you see all the time now. I didn't want to monkey with my form too much right before my guys weekend so I only incorporated the reach out. I am now really excited to try what I have learned from your blog. Late nights at work and bad weather have prevented me from getting out in a field so far.

As a side note, while I was in Massachusetts I stopped at my favorite disc golf store and looked at the backpack bags. WOW! Sticker shock! Then I saw your review of the Magellan bag. I ordered it right on the spot. It arrived yesterday. I can't believe how nice it is for less than $30!

If you're ever in the Philadelphia area I would love to play a round with you.

From: A Reddit Message
Date: 8/2014

What's up HUB!

I've watched countless hours of pros playing, stood beside the tee with the lead card at Worlds for multiple rounds, watched many YouTube tutorials, read the tips at DGR, and even took a clinic from Nate Sexton, and none of it did as much for my form as reading your most recent blog post.

When I'd perform Beato's drill, I'd end up just throwing the disc from my right pec with my hand leading the nose. I could throw my putters some 270+ ft with an x-step, which I believed was a sign of progress, but all the rest of my discs wouldn't go much further.

Yesterday I parked some 280ft holes using comparatively gentle shots of my Axis, rather than a strenuous, soreness-inducing launch of my River. It felt amazing.

In my mind, it felt less like swinging a racquet (like I was want to do) and more like swiping a credit card along a scanner from my sternum to my armpit, if that makes any sense.

The only downside, really, is that I'm so psyched up but I'm typing this from work and I can't go outside to play more :(

Thanks man, seriously huge help.

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