Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All work and no play...

I've got only fear for throwing the roller. I fear throwing it in a field that doesn't have a fence surrounding it. It's like having a greyhound off leash in a field rife with bunnies.  Rollers are half magic, half craziness. When you see somebody throw a roller that weaves in and out of trees and then does a loop around the basket before coming to rest leaned against the pole, I call that guy a Gandalf. Keep your eyes peeled for a hobbit or a dragon.

Friggen wizards.

Luckily I don't play many courses that benefit greatly from the roller. If I did, then I'd probably dig into them more - but there's already enough shots that are on my list of "Needs More Fieldwork".

Winter has punished Denver for a couple weeks now. High of 11 a couple days ago. ELEVEN DEGREES? Yeah, downright balmy by sub arctic standards. I pushed out to do field work a few times once it warmed up to 22. I guess it was a good way to practice falling on my ass and eventually throwing with a mitten on.

Today my brother and I made a lunch-time pilgrimage to Paco for some 39 degree (toasty!) field work. We got a few rounds of closed shoulder drills in and some "stand still" drills. Then my bro submarined my Surge and we spent too much time kicking snow around a field.

I moved my basket into the basement and have been trying to squeeze in some 18' putts between a door frame and the clothes drier. Next I hung an old blanket from the ceiling and have been throwing into that... the kids love it, I mean THROWING DISCS IN THE HOUSE?! Awesome. No idea if these throws would be good or bad, but I'm guessing they're all 500' line drives.

Going from playing daily rounds, lunch time field work and late night putting sessions to trying to putt in my basement without knocking over a stack of laundry is rough. Typically ski season has me out in the garage waxing skis and monitoring snow storms like a hawk, but I am having a very hard time with channeling my ski bum motivation.

Perhaps it's time I unleash my inner retiree and peruse some winter properties down in Southern Florida?


  1. Would be nice to move in with Paul Mcbeth and live the lfie down there huh? I've also been forced to retreat to my (luckily) 30' basement practice range, and scramble for long rounds on the weekends. Just seeing the Sun feels like a blessing up here in New Hampshire. You're not alone in your desire for more time to play. I even opted out of a ski pass this winter so I can afford a disc golf trip to the Carolina's in the Spring! Like reading your blog by the way, thanks for the posting.

    1. Hey Jordan - thanks for the kind words. I'd be lying if I said I haven't already started thinking about a road trip south this winter. I told my brother that we could just drive south until the temps thawed out and then start hunting for courses! Please consider writing up a post about your winter trip and sharing it here (or somewhere), sounds like it would be a great story.

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