Friday, January 3, 2014

MVP Servo Review

Disc: MVP Servo (Fire Engine Red)
Weight: 169g
In the hand feel: Very good.
In the air: froze rope to fade.
Beers were harmed in the
making of this review.

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So I've done a few short reviews on discs before. It's rough because disc selection is absurdly personal. I have played with a guy who throws max-weight meat hooks for his forehands. Certain discs, that no matter what a reviewer says, is not going to work for you because of  a million reasons. Also, take into account that elevation does affect discs substantially and I live in Denver. So what can I share that will help you decide if you want to pull the trigger sight and flight unseen? If you fall into my boat - which is the following boat - then this could be a helpful guide. Also, if you live at a typical lower elevation - you can expect less stability and more glide.

My Backhand: 300-400' (Typically in the middle)
Forehand: 250-275'

Current Fairway drivers: 171 Star Teebird, 169 Disccraft Mantis (Ace Race Ti)

Alright, new plastic arrives on the door step from Infinite Discs and was I ever stoked to get the latest offering from MVP into the field and Uncle Rico them up.

Bottom line: straight flier, predictable fade, very little turn. Responds better to a higher speed throw.

Out of the box, this disc is going to be a completely different beast than after you beat it up. I mean really beat it up if you want some turn.

Like Ike beat Tina*.
Like Chris Brown beat Rihanna*.

Due to my lawyer's repeated requests, I've had to change the above to the following:

Beat like a 13 year old boy who is taking his 3rd shower of the day.

Inbounds has this flight pattern.
Taco it 8 different ways and then throw it against a few trees. That'll get you some turn. If you've got a snap that than can hit 400', you'll get it to turn a bit of turn late in the flight otherwise it's laser straight.

I live in Denver - elevation 5000'+ so take that into account - but this thing dumps glide like a high school girlfriend on a hyzer line. Thin air. Which leads to the predictability right outta the box - straight for 250-275' then  25' of  fade. Any hyzer and this disc is going to fade early. It's stable to the core. Anhyzer it and I feel like it's throwing on a hockey stop mid air.

Pull this disc out, flat release, aim accordingly to the right or left and it's not going to surprise you. I have no doubt this disc is not turning over with a flat release... I'm not sure I can turn it over with anhyzer that would turn over a Valkarie. Tunnel shots or throwing against an OB line, it's a perfect disc.

Next up head wind. FANTASTIC. I threw this into a substantial 15mph head wind and it held straight like a thing of beauty. 171 Teebird would definitely be turning right (RHBH) in this wind. With a head wind I get the exact flight pattern seen in the Inbound's flight pattern. Typically when I am throwing into a headwind, I"ll grab a 170-ish Champion Destroyer and throw it flat and it'll stay straighter and I can eek out 325-350' pretty consistently.  The problem there is that I don't always want to throw a full 350' and taking some arm off a driver like that is not good, but a with the servo I feel like I can put 80-100% into it and get that 275' very accurately.

Tail wind... a disc with more dome is better choice. This thing dropped pretty quick with a tail wind.

In the hand it feels wonderful, grippy but not mushy. The plastic, like all the MVP I currently own (5 anodes and an Axis) is terrific and I expect it to hold up as well as they have.

*Allegedly... HeavyDisc attorney Kyle O'Neill.

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