Monday, March 24, 2014

Where the blogs at?

I love reading about disc golf. I like hearing unique voices and love stumbling across blogs that share their experiences. I like perspectives from new players, sorta new players, sorta old players and even crusty old pirate players.

You call yourself a disc golfer do ya?
It's a tough racket. There's zero money it, there's very little feedback to know if you've pounded out another article that will slip away into obscurity. My wife mocks me for it. But at the bottom of all the reasons people write about disc golf - is that we like to do it.

I like archiving my adventure. I like the creative process. I like to write.

Jim Trotter and I spent the better part of an hour on the phone today talking about everything from insane weather, disc golf blogs, tags matches, clubs, and trying to promote disc golf (him - not me!).

Jim runs a couple small side businesses: Box4Discs ( which sells boxes for storing discs and TalkDG ( which is a news-stream that's free to post your content to - which has been one of the only ways I've been able to find other disc golf blogs. If you have dg stuff to share, you should be taking advantage of his free digest. It's free.

So just to help promote some of the guys that I personally like reading - here's a very non-comprehensive list of some guys who are keeping their own feet to the fire (in no particular order):

Your Disc Golf Hero
Lots of pictures, lots of stoke.

Disc Golf Addiction
Always brings a smile to my face.

School of Disc Golf
Blog'n since wayyy back - and always solid.

400 Bound
Great videos, great pix, and great posts.

Dogleg Disc Golf
Lots of fresh content - solid writing.

Central Texas blog

I like digging around in DGCR, r/discgolf, and my FB feed is pretty much a DG feed - but there's something special about the longer form of a blog post when somebody can really ramble.

If I forgot somebody, and I know I did - just slap it into the comments.

Peace out cub scouts.


  1. You published a list of pretty good blogs. There are quite a few out there. I appreciate your writing, especially putting yourself 'out on a limb' so to speak. Not really as I realize it's your perspective. May not always be mine but, if it was life would be perfect and be no need for blogs or other people's opinions, eh?

    Here's a blog I started for the disc golf league at our workplace - Lot of newbies that participate in this league and, at the moment, I try to cater to that group though, like you said, "...there's very little feedback to know if you've pounded out another article that will slip away into obscurity." But, it's there for those that find a value in a post or two.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Right on Joe - I'll check it out and I'm glad you found me!