Thursday, June 12, 2014

Latitude 64° Scythe Review

Today's review is brought to you by the fantastic folks at Infinite Discs. Promo Code HEAVYDISC will save you some coin on your next order. Thanks to Alan - who sent it over to review!

Have a quick look at their selection - it's more fun than a sack of monkeys!

What's pink and shows up on your death bed?
The #'s Speed: 12, Glide: 5, Turn: 0, Fade: 4 (Test disc weight: 170g)

I love FireBirds. I always carry a 165g Champion FB specifically for thumbers, forehands and shots that I can't have flip on me. On a windy day I have a 175 Champ FB that can handle even the meanest of gale forces.
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When I cracked open the package from Infinite Discs, and pulled out the latest overstable driver from Latitude 64°, I immediately felt the rim and thought, "Hello, distance fire chicken!" I had high hopes that I could have all the stability that I love in my Firebirds with the added benefit of being able to get this disc out past that wall where the Firebirds seems to just drop to the ground.

So is it THAT stable? Yes. It's truly overstable (on par with brand new Quantum Quasar) and even in a 15 mph head wind I was able to put as much hand speed on it as I could and it wouldn't turn more than the smallest bit. As a comparison, I threw a 175g Star Destroyer RHBH into the same headwind and it turned it a solid 100'.

Here's a nice thing though, it wasn't the immediate fade that I've seen with similar offerings - where a flat drive was heading left after 150'. It was dead nuts straight for 300' and then you got a more pronounced fade. That was my beef with the Vibram Four20, which would be summed up as "too stable for Denver" - and also the shallow rim was just too difficult for me to feel comfortable with on the Four20. If I want a headwind disc, I don't want it so OS that I have to throw it on a huge anhyzer to get it out 300' - and ultimately that's why I really like the Scythe. I feel like I can get it out to nice distances throwing it flat.

Lat64 Opto plastic is still gorgeous and takes all the abuse you can dish out. There's a strange discrepency with the #'s published on the lat64 site - which says 12/3/0/4 - and that's a glide rating of 3? In my humble opinion this is more like a 5. Infinite Discs has it listed as a glide rating of 5 and I felt that the 5 is way more accurate, especially compared to a disc like an Innova Monster or the Firebird, which do have that "I'm done going forward" feeling.

I think that for windy days or players looking for a distance driver that can take substantial hand speed - the Scythe fits that bill very nicely.

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