Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Budget Friendly GRIP EQ Alternative

And a quick update w/ some easy modifications.

A thread popped up on DGCR (here it is) where bamfb posted some huge images of a bag he had found. It was a really promising looking disc golf bag that was a back pack style very similar to a model, the GRIP EQ.

I have a limited budget that means $150-250 for a backpack just isn't happening. I'd been using a nice big quad-strap style bag that my brother had given me, but once it was loaded up, it didn't carry nearly as nice as a smaller camera bag that I'd rigged up for discs previously. But it could carry about 22 discs and 2 water bottles, so I stuck with it. Eventually I ended up just carrying about about 12 discs (4 putters, 3 mids, 5 drivers) because it was much easier on my shoulders/neck.

But I missed the comfort of a backpack.

I'd looked at a ton of fishing packs that could accommodate the wideness required of discs, but nothing really struck me as right.

Seeing this bag, I almost immediately knew it was a winner and after about 10 minutes of digging for other reviews, I pulled the trigger.

It's currently available here: Overstock shipping was free, but slow.

I may end up making a disc divider out of some thick square bottles like I did for my last camera bag - or I might go fancy with some pvc pipe. I've yet to decide, but either way - I'm already very happy with the bag.

El cheapo dividers.

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