Monday, October 27, 2014

Slow Motion Drives

Jerome Knott blurring the lines of reality.
Played a tournament in New Mexico (Pendaries) and had a fantastic time. I played 2 rounds to warm up and learn the course on Thursday. We threw multiples off each drive and I played awesome during the warm up. First round on Saturday I felt pretty good, threw a ton of shots OB... twice on one hole! But by the end of walking the first round, I was cooked. Second round, shot the same score - felt like I was playing safer, but was completely out of gas. Nothing left in the tank.

Sunday I awoke to gusty 20mph winds and my game fell off especially on upshots and putting. Twice I three-putted by floating long over the basket in a headwind and missed the long comeback. Shot 6 strokes worse in the 3rd round (going 69,69,75), but ultimately kept my cool through all the rounds and walked away with a huge smile and a very tired body. I bag almost exclusively turny discs, so I was suddenly experimenting with driving a Firebird that I hadn't thrown in 6 months for upshots and eventually putts.

It's tough to not play, "if only I would have" - but I want to learn from this mistake. I completely over-did it on Thursday. I could have thrown just single or double shots, instead of 4 or 5 and probably had much more endurance through the weekend.

Playing a new course is always difficult, but doing it with nothing in the tank is even worse.

My brother shot 3 great rounds and ended up taking 2nd place in Advanced (out of 19) and I lumped into the middle of the pack at 11th place.

Shot some video of a few of the guys from our practice rounds and did a quick edit of some drives:

In case the embed doesn't link out: Youtube Link

These guys all epitomize the last post I put up about bracing and rotational force. Try to visualize an axis during the slow motion drives that their bodies are rotating around during the plant to extension.
All these guys are 500'+ throwers, and they all get there slightly differently - but remember that the commonalities are what we care about. And Jerome has one of the sickest FH's I've ever seen. He throws like a big league pitcher and it's an absolute crusher.


  1. Duuuude, played with your brother all weekend and.....see my post "5 Great THings About Penderies" on Facebook group NMDG. He and our whole 5 some were very cool. Since I always enjoy your posts, hope we can hang next time.

    Very excited to see the ultra slo-mo.....hope EVERY Flick hungry Am player can watch how simple Jerome's footwork is. There is a lot of (frankly very bad) info on how to run or walk up to a power flick. You don't need to run OR walk. It is an easy shuffle where the back foot never cross' in front at all. You get awesome push off the back leg and no complications. Keep up the great posts..... robin mclean 40869

    1. Wish I could have played a little better and joined your card, but sometimes you eat the bear... Glad you shot well and congrats on the solid shooting!

    2. I have gathered several 'Bear Recipes' after an 850 rated final round at NM States this year. The secret is to do a slow burn over lots of beer.

  2. Not sure what happened to my other post, so we'll try again... Love the post and the video. It's really sweet to finally see some flick's in slow motion. I've always played with Jerome at the new Johnny, so I've never seen a full power drive. I'd like to see my flick in slo-mo like this sometime, because I've been told we have similar forms and distances, but the slo-mo tells all. -Dan Chando

    1. Awesome Dan, hopefully we cross paths soon. Phone cameras are improving so drastically it's crazy. Shot all that footage with a Samsung Galaxy S4!

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