Monday, November 3, 2014

The Big News from Hyzerbomb

A couple weeks back, Matt Siri saw a post I put on Facebook trying to find some big arm players to answer questions. He put me in touch with a couple guys he knows that can throw the long bomb, and then we started chatting... and chatting...  and next thing you know, I feel like I know the guy! Well, my internet buddy has some very big news, so I decided to interview him. Enough preposition, let's get to the good news!

Matt Siri with the forehand at Brazos Park East in Waco, Tx.

Let's not bury the lead Matt: you got some big news to share?

Thanks Jason. I do, as of last week, I've been given the opportunity to become CEO of Hyzerbomb Discs. (

In collaboration with the current team and our continued partnership with Millennium, I will now be running Hyzerbomb Discs. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I've been beyond blessed to be given an opportunity to forge my own direction to the company, and do what I can to help grow the sport.

Congrats Matt, that's awesome! Tell us a bit about your background in disc golf. How long have you been playing and working in the DG world?

I unfortunately didn't discover the game of disc golf until 2011. At the time, I didn't think a whole lot of it, besides enjoying being outside. I switched jobs in February of 2012, and one of my bosses had been playing the game for years. He had an upcoming tournament he was playing in at a local course, and asked me if I wanted to spot at the event for some free merchandise.

That was the day that changed my life, so to speak. I watched a number of the top pros in Texas absolutely crush drives over my head on a 900' hole, and I was hooked from that moment on. I helped that Tour Director with an event or two in the area later in that year, and played my first tournament in October of 2012.

From April of 2012 - June of 2014 I was the assistant Tour Director for 4 the Chains DG, who were based out of Austin, TX. I was approached by Hyzerbomb after running the 4 The Chains DG Open A tier last year, and was presented with the opportunity to join Hyzerbomb to run events.

Matt Siri (middle) with the lead masters card at the Turner Twist tournament before the final round.
Donald 'Giggler' Ellsworth, JJ Munoz, Dennie Ortega, BIlly Sivils, me and Tony Shirley (left to right)
How did you end up owning a part of a HyzerBomb? Any sleepless nights on this decision? 

This is quite a story. I never anticipated this event happening.

Wes Briscoe, who started Hyzerbomb, is a youth pastor who wants to dedicate himself to the ministry. He's the one who brought this opportunity to me to increase my role with Hyzerbomb.  He saw the dedication I had to the sport and to pushing the brand.

I've honestly still been losing sleep over it, not because of the decision, but simply because of how excited I am for this opportunity. Hyzerbomb has a wonderful partnership with Millennium, and I'm excited to help grow both brands.

Will this mean any changes to the sponsored players or day-to-day business for the company? Do you have any ideas for the company's direction or are you more looking to join the team and keep the ship moving in the same direction?

I do not plan on initially changing much in the day-to-day operations of Hyzerbomb. I do hope that all sponsored players will stay on-board with the team, but knowing they've all worked with Wes previously, they will have the choice if they want to stay on-board or not.

The team will be expanding though. I have my eyes on a number of players from around the country who I hope I can have be brand ambassadors in other areas of the country we don't currently do as well. We have a great representation already here in Texas and this portion of the south, but that base will also be expanding.

I don't see the specific direction of the company changing, aside from being focused on gaining more of a spotlight nationally. I want to focus on expanding our disc line, as well as keeping the bag line moving in the right direction.

We have two new bags getting ready to hit the market, that we've worked closely with Millenium on and both of them are tour quality bags.

Any plans to travel more to big tournaments and promote the brand and will this mean you can make disc golf the full time gig? Hopefully you can come to Denver and buy me a beer?

I definitely plan on having Hyzerbomb making some appearances at larger events. It won't be an immediate move to make disc golf full time, but it is something that will definitely happen down the road. I plan on trying to be at USDGC and Worlds this next year, to give the brand some more exposure.

I'll definitely get through Denver.  And as long as we're talking Denver, how about Tommy's Thai? I miss that place like crazy. Absolutely delicious.

Is it all top secret or are you able to talk about any upcoming changes to the disc bag line?

We have two new bags actually getting ready to hit the market.

The Flak 4

The first one is co-branded with Millenium and called the Flak 4. For anyone who's familiar with the Flak 3, the bag has a similar look, but it's been modified in many ways. We've reinforced the structure, upgraded the straps and added padding, improved the comfort of the back padding with more breath-ability, added adjustable dividers to the main compartment and made a few more upgrades.

The Hyzerbomb Flak-X : Baby's got a brand new bag!
We have the new Flak-X in production now also. This is a brand new bag for us. It has some slight similarities to the previous Flak 3, but has undergone a complete redesign and is really a tour ready bag. It'll easily hold 25+ discs, with room for minis, snacks and all that good stuff.

When I came on-board with Hyzerbomb, I was blown away at how much more spacious the Flak is compared to the Ranger which I used to carry.

Any new molds in the works?

We have just recently released our newest disc, the Veteran, which has only come out in the Prototype run so far. It's a fairway driver, very reminiscent of the Eagle.

 We still have some stock on the Prototype run of 700 before we hit the production run. For anyone who’s an Eagle thrower, they’ll love the Veteran.

I have some thoughts on a few other discs I want to start, but those are going to take some time to get in the works down the road. The first major hole in the disc line to fill will be a high-speed driver.

Anything else you want add, perhaps about your undying love of HeavyDisc?! Hah, I do appreciate your time, especially as I know things are probably all over the place as you're making these final changes of ownership. Congrats man and I hope we hear more from you soon.

Jason, thank you for taking the time to talk with me and help let the world know about Hyzerbomb. You do a great job with your videos and tutorials, I’m gonna have to get you some of our stuff to review. Keep up the great work!

You're right there Matt! I do an awesome job. I'm the best and I'm glad we can agree on that.

Okay, gang that's that. I wish Matt the best and look forward to seeing what this next year has in store for him.


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