Friday, January 2, 2015

Gateway Element and Karma disc review

182g Gateway Karma (-1 Turn, 3 Fade). Let's start with what I like about the Karma: it's everything I loved about the Roc, with one exception: it actually fits my hand. Some people's hand struggle with deep rims. I am one of those folks. The Roc, as much as I like the versatility of it, it actually hurts my hand to throw it.

The Karma is arguably Gateway's best shallow rimmed midrange option out there for a stable (not overstable) disc that can stand some power or wind without turning too much. 

As much as I preach the Truth for a great mid-range option - it's glide can burn you by coasting 50' long. The Karma is more blunt and thus flies slower and is easier to range into distance when thrown flat.

It's stability in Evolution plastic will decrease gently over time - but faster than Star or Champion plastic.

Now the bad news: if you don't like Gateway's rounded inside rim - these 2 discs (as well as the Warrior and Mystic) are not for you. It's a personal thing - I absolutely love the way the rim feels and releases. My buddy on the other hand has large hands and he feels like it's slipping out on him.

My Karma was very domey - to the extent that you can pop it and hear the audible "ga-glunk". That dome adds a nice level of glide that I came to really enjoy.

182g Element in Evolution plastic

In a more neutral stability (-2 Turn, 1 Fade) the Element is a fantastic straight flyer with less fade at the end of the flight than the Karma and a little more turn. Right out of the box, I felt like the Element would fit into the Buzzz spot. Dead straight shots when thrown flat with 250' of power, and anything beyond that you start adding in some hyzer.

The Element would make a fantastic choice for somebody playing courses with tight tunnels or windows to hit.

Ultimately these two discs were the stand outs for me in Gateway's mid-range line up. Evolution plastic would be my first choice, hands down. I like the way it feels and it can certainly take a beating.

The Karma (on the right) in Evolution Plastic 182g and Truth (left)

Element (right) Truth (left)

Slightly flatter Element

Domey Karma

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