Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ZÜCA Cart Review

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ZÜCA - what is a ZÜCA? A disc golf cart. Why the umlauts? Because fancy. How do you pronounce it? Your guess is better than mine. Internet says it's an acronym for Zee Ultimate Carry All. Dubious web site though.

Do you need one?

Of course nobody NEEDS a disc golf cart. In fact, nobody NEEDS a disc golf specific bag. We could carry around a putter and a Slurpee and have a pretty good afternoon playing some disc.

So let's just agree that we're talking about things that are nice to have. I've run the gamut of bags: a camera bag, hand me down quads, various odd-ball back packs, some very nice Hyzerbomb bags. Each iteration getting nicer and making life just a little easier.

And now I bring you the latest and greatest in disc golf toting: (Link for mobile)

I hope you can tell that I was having a little fun in the editing booth with the video. And I'm going to keep this short and sweet: I played 3 rounds of rather swampy hot tournament golf this last weekend and the ZÜCA was outstanding. ZÜCA's carts were all over the place - people are adopting them quickly because of the fundamental benefit of the cart: the weight is off your shoulders and you have an easy seat all the time.

Prior to the tournament, I'd rolled the cart over 25-30 miles of various terrain and time and again I came away really happy with the ZÜCA.

I'm not going to over-sell this, but it really does take a substantial wear and tear off your body and I'm sticking with carts from here on out.

If you're in the market, please consider purchasing from Infinite Discs who also has the frame version of the cart: seen here. Full disclosure: I have setup an affiliate program with them, where I get a small % of the money spent at their site that gets directed to them from HeavyDisc as store credit. Obviously I'm not getting rich, but I do get to buy a putter or two every so often.


  1. Get a wood rack... Much better... And the saddle bags are a must... The putter pouch is great... And I got a bike phone holder to strap my towels on the handle.... This cart easily will shave 3-5 strokes a round by conserving energy!

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  6. The the knob on the end got lost in the grass and the bearings dropped out of the wheel. To top it off customer service does not return calls or emails.

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