Sunday, November 3, 2013

Winter Warriors at Deer Mnt (Part 2)

Alright, so the fun continues as we enter the belly of the beast. I'm already wishing I had the chance to play this course again - even though my body is sore and my neck feels like an elephant used it for a foot rest last night. Thanks again to the owner's of this gorgeous property for letting us come out and for they guys who make it all happen.

Michael getting psyched up to cross the valley. NO FADING LEFT!
Andrew loading the arm cannon for a big rip.
Dave getting dangerously close to falling off the teepad!
The pin is about 50' left of the SUV visible at the bottom of the hill.
Michael getting a strong pull. Pin around where the trees hit the horizon.
Andrew hoping to avoid timber.
Lynn on our last hole of the day. What a trooper!
Pin is somewhere out there in the trees. What a hole.

Andrew getting all of this drive.
Same tee, different angle. Dave letting it rip.

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