Sunday, November 3, 2013

Winter Warriors at Deer Mnt (Part 1)

Saturday was the kickoff to the 9th season of Winter Warriors at one of the most spectacular and extreme disc golf course in Colorado... perhaps THE UNIVERSE. Nearly every hole has challenging hazards, and quite a few of them have extreme hazards - meaning there's no safe way to play it!

Deer Mountain is on private property and is 21 holes over miles and miles of terrain that follows ridge-lines, gulleys, sometimes going from one ridge to the next. A few times a year this course opens for public tournaments and I was lucky enough to jump on the chance. Needless to say some plastic was donated to the disc gods yesterday! I drank 3 liters of water and was dead tired by the end of the day.

The morning kicks off with the player's meeting. 105 players for the event!

Michael (my brother) and I overlooking the course... yep, that's the course below!
Dave Cervantes at one of the many custom made pins. At this point we all are thinking 
we've died and gone to disc golf heaven.
Dave in a bush. Going long past the pin is a VERY bad idea.
First hint that disc golf heaven has a touch of disc golf hell in it!
A quick note about the image above, if you click on it - you can see the full size image. You can make out the next pin across the valley on the right side of the image. You throw across the valley from just about 30 feet left of the pin he's putting at. Andrew, who was in our group had his drive fade left on a drive like this and we watched it go about 1000' down the valley. Good bye sweet disc.

Lynn (dave's doubles partner) wasn't going to miss
out on a chance to climb into the bush!
More to come!!!!

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