Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwing Rollers in the Wind

The wind is howling today so I figured I'd take the opportunity to work on my rollers. Sit back and enjoy this comprehensive guide to throwing rollers in the wind!

Video link (if you are seeing the Feldberg Video above):
Now many of you are going to want to ask about my grip in the above video. I went with a "1 finger push grip". What I lack in control I gain in wind alignment and distance. It's key to have 30-40mph gusts and a ROUND disc. Square and even rhombus shaped discs are not going to handle these conditions very well.

Okay, so beyond that... I have no clue. I threw a forehand that got out about 150' before coming right back at me 100'. I threw a backhand that ended up 50' BEHIND me. 

Rollers went sideways and then backwards, then stopped to mocked me before taking off into the air.

So when it's really windy, I'd say just lower your expectations, go to the bar or just be as awesome as Dave is...

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