Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A few disc reviews and SWEET!

Alright, so a long weekend of mountain biking in Moab, Utah meant that my freshly purchased discs sat un-touched for a few days. Not for long! I cracked them open, ran out into the freezing sleet in my front yard and promptly blasted my new Anode down the block.

Moab is still gorgeous, just had to ride my bike around it to verify.

Last week I ordered up some new plastic:
MVP Proton Anode Medium (170) 
MVP Proton Anode Soft (170)
MVP Proton Axis (176)
Innova Champion Katana (175)

I really wanted to try out the MVP Anode after reading some reviews. After throwing the medium and soft for a few days, I'm completely convinced that the only difference between soft and medium is the feel in the hand. I found them within 5-10' of each other over and over after throwing them both. They have the distinct feel of an Aviar, so if your hands like an Aviar (deep rim) then you'll like MVP Anodes. Smaller fingered folks (t-rex hands) might want to look elsewhere (Vibram).

They are going to take some getting used to for me for driving approaches. They have a nice glide right off the get-go, but I'm over throwing them and they're turning right on me too much. A heavier weight might help to fight off that, I don't know though. I throw a 171 Vibram Ridge with the same arm speed and it goes dead straight. Perhaps it's just going to take some adjustment.

For putting, I'm liking them. I have been throwing a couple Classic Aviars in my putting practice, so the feel in the hand is something I am familiar with. If you want to find out if you will like an Anode before dropping the coin, try a DX Aviar for $8 to see if you like the shape. Similar glide, similar shape, similar putters. They are very unique looking and even though I have them in Proton green - they show up super bright in the grass. Very easy to find.

The Proton Axis is just... wow. It's like pulling a perfectly seasoned max-weight Roc outta the box. So far, I'm completely impressed. Just a consistently straight flyer. If I max out the throw, it'll hang a bit further right but never flip - and always comes back with a bit of left fade. Feels fantastic in my hand and I love that mid-range glide. I was able to throw it about 280-290' dead straight with just a mellow fade at the end.

I had lost my max weight Roc when I ordered the Axis, then some kind soul found it and I was able to get it back... with a big old chunk of plastic missing where a mower had apparently run it over. I wanted something that could take it's place and I truly believe this is a nice option.

The Katana. Uhhg. Well, I lost my favorite max weight Katana being an idiot (it fell out of my bag and I didn't realize it until I got home). Champion plastic definitely feels like it's going to require a  beat in period. Right now it's not got me feeling the love. Gotta beat it up a bit and then I have no doubt that it'll be back in the heavy rotation.

The Katana is absolutely stellar WHEN I can get it in the air for long enough. Lucky for me, my home course has a couple holes that are down hill and that helps me out. If and when I get a full snap on it, it'll go left, back right and then fade left... with zero anhyzer. Just a flat hard release and it does it's thing. Very nice thing to have in the bag.

I want to give a nod to a disc that I absolutely love. Discraft Esp Surge. Holy mother I love this disc for drives. If you're looking for a stable driver that will take some anhyzer, slowly flip back and glide for days, look no further. I like it in a 172 weight - it doesn't take a huge arm to get it humming and I almost never overthrow it. I better not lose mine.


Now for the SWEET part: I freaking won a Buzzz from Discraft! I signed up through my Google+ account and sure enough I saw my name at the top of the winner's list today! They hooked me up with a code that'll get me a Buzzz of unknown plastic and weight. I already have a Z Buzzz in the bag and a ProD Buzzz that was one of the first discs that my brother got me.

Sign up - and I hope you win!

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