Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More cold putting.

Just me and these two guys, who I've named Steve and Perry.

Managed to get over to Paco Sanchez in time for a chilly 9 holes after work yesterday. Ran into a couple guys who play tags and joined up with them, both very nice guys. Enjoyable round - felt like my approach shots were really strong and helped me to save par 3 on a couple wonky drives. And since I'm doing my 30 days of putting, my putting sucked.

Cold hands are turning into a running theme. Cold hands in the morning, cold hands in the evening and it's snowing outside - so I'm guessing cold hands in the future. Since I have the hands of a 13 year old Korean girl, I tend to get cold quick.

All this putting and I'm still missing 20' game time shots. I recall Mark Ellis saying something along the lines of "You'll want to judge this program a week in. Don't do it... just stick with it." It's hard not to feel grumpy when you're putting 30 minutes a day and not seeing noticeable improvements - but I am seeing SOME improvements. It's best described as LESS anxiety about taking the shot from a tough distance.

I've looked at the pin so many times from this distance that I know what's about to happen. Currently though, what tends to happen is I fail to give myself the full putting routine during a game - feeling a little rushed because other people are waiting. Usually it's the release, but sometimes it's something as simple as lining up my arm. 

So I don't get into how many page views my blog has (because it's typically nothing to get bent outta shape about). I will sometimes post it on reddit & dgcoursereview, hoping to share it with people, since nobody follows blogs and because I feel a bit strange putting long rambling posts on forums. I guess the last post got some visibility because, as of this morning, I'm at  just under 6000 page views on that one post. That feels pretty good! It got a few conversations started here and here. And I told my brother (the bearded character) that he's internet famous.

Putting Recap (warning, this is boring).

Day 8 (Lunchtime Redo - Rain stopped): (10/14/2013)
Round 1: No basket - used a basket ball pole. Much harder to get a feel for putting.
Break: Forehands, forehands, forehands.
Round 2: Finished up w/ a the feeling that I gotta get a portable practice basket.

Day 9 : (10/15/2013)
Round 1: Perhaps because I've moved out to about 20+'  - the straddle is not as consistent as my foreward stance. I stayed in the forward stance the whole round and felt very good.
Break: short break only because I was running late.
Round 2: Worked with the straddle a bit and it still feels MORE consistent from 15' - so I might just use it for close in shots where I don't have to generate as much power. Extension of the shoulder, pointing the fingers at the basket and kicking your back leg up have made a big difference in my 20-25' putts.


  1. Seriously. Cold putting is the worst. When my hands get cold, I have no control and miss everything. It doesn't matter how much I practice in the warmth.

  2. No question, you're 100% right. If my fingers aren't reacting as quickly because they're going numb - I tend to land short or miss to the right. I don't get the spin going enough and delay it just a hair, pulling it to the side.

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