Friday, October 25, 2013

Forehand Break Through.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I started to really put some effort into developing my forehand into something more than a disaster.

My brother has a gorgeous backhand anhyzer that he can float down with a consistent "S" shape over and over. Slow, arcing and consistent and he drains 100' shots with it. I've spent a ton of field time trying to get that shot consistent and it's just not. I'm spraying them all over the place. So in the meantime, I'm trying to get that forehand dialed.

Okay, so I'm gonna give 100% of the credit for this break through to Sarah Hokom (the side arm  / forehand section starts about 16:20) in and watching this video last night I was singularly intrigued by her anecdote about a softball player who she taught to throw side arm.

She says (and I'll paraphrase) the girl would mime picking up a ground ball before her throw. 

DO IT. Grab a disc, go outside and give it a try!

I was jaw dropped at the immediate change in my throws that I was making today on my lunch break. I dip my upper body to the ground almost touching the disc to the ground as if I was scooping up a grounder, take one more shuffle step, which would be the cocking the disc back... and then the release like your tossing an easy throw to 1st base. I hit 250' dead straight 15' off the ground with my buzzz. Every single throw was pretty much on target, some were wobblier than others, but coming out of this stance - they all seemed to correct themselves.

The thing that is finally clicking is that arm speed has almost nothing to do with forehands. The snap, the karate chop, whatever you want to call it - needs to be where the energy is coming from. Coupled with the body movement of getting low and twisting the hips into it like you would in baseball... all I can say is wow. 

I have never thrown a forehand consistently 200' - and I just threw about 50 of them. Thanks Sarah Hokom!


  1. I'm revisiting this...I've been doing a "swing style" forehand preparation similar to McBeth and it CAN work well but ultimately is too inconsistent. I've felt like I've gotten some insane speed, but I'm not sure if this simplified motion gets any less distance. I'll be doing a comparison video where I throw both ways with midranges, fairways and high speed drivers.

    Going to try crouching and staying turned like that to maximize the power. Would be cool if I had a means of clocking the speed...

    With my "swing" technique, I get my buzzz out to 300 very comfortably and maybe max out toward 340 with it. Really hoping that if I can get my FH consistency back I can add a lot more consistency to my game again (easier to aim than backhand)

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