Friday, October 11, 2013

Putting With Confidence: Update

Firstly, here's a little inspiration video...

Five days complete on the Putting With Confidence exercise. Let me start by saying this isn't EASY

Putting for 30 minutes is not only mentally tough - but it's physically tough - and I consider myself to be in pretty good shape (non-smoker, not over weight, can play 18 without hurting). I can feel the butt, leg, and lower back muscles in the morning. Today I picked a practice pin that is on a hill. I really noticed a difference in my stance on a hill - and it definitely affects my putting. By the end, my feet, calves and thighs were feeling it.

Since I am sticking with a straddle putt, the uphill leg has to be more bent in order to keep your upper body straight - and I felt pretty solid with my predominant right leg being straight, left leg bent - but the other direction stuff just felt off. Was not as consistent.

I have done this game for the last 2 days now that I find very helpful - and it adds some "game-time" pressure to it.

Similar to the Scott Papa game (found here) I use extra discs to mark my spots. I have 4 discs that all start stamp side down. They're all about 10' from the pin. 

I use 3 putters for this game.

Make all 3 putts I get to flip over that station's disc and move onto the next station. 
Miss 1, the disc stays stamp down.
Miss 2, I have 1 immediate chance to re-do the round. Collect the putters, try again. If I can get 2+ putts in, I move on - otherwise the station gets pushed closer to the pin.
Miss 3, the station gets pushed closer to the pin.

If you come to a station that's stamp up.
Make all 3, you get to push the station back.
Make 2, it stays as is.
Make 1, it gets flipped upside down.

This game allows me to get solid enough on a tough distance so that I can work on it - without being at a distance I'm going to be missing a bunch. Also, if I miss the 1st putt it puts the pressure on you to go 2/2 other wise you have to re-do the round.

Also, it's a really amazing feeling to push a disc out further - then drain 3 of 3 shots. When you're close to the end of your 15 minute session and you've got your stations pushed out to where you're holding your own... it's confidence inspiring to know that if you approach to inside that area - you WILL make the shot.

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