Monday, October 14, 2013

Damn you winter.

Putting practice. I have to do my putting practice. MUST DO PUTTING.

The wind kicks up to the point that putting from 10' away turns into an experiment in wind tunnel aerodynamics. 

I can only laugh as one gust pins my gimme putt to the ground and the next one is lofted 25' away.

"This is still good practice for windy conditions" I mutter to myself as my fingers go numb. 

A slight drizzle turns into something meaner and I realize that finishing the first 15 minutes of my putting with confidence session might not be in the cards.

I run to the car - getting pelted with 1/2 rain & 1/2 sleet and jump in just before the hammer hits.


Day 6: (10/12/2013)
Round 1: Felt average at best.
Round 2: Felt even worse than average at best.

Day 7: (10/13/2013)
Round 1: Started strong - switched to forward stance and actually felt stronger.
Break: Threw 50' floaters with Noah, my 7 year old son. Little dude actually drained one!
Round 2: Felt okay, but I swear to god a wasp unloaded on my finger 1/2 way through and it HURT. Decided to relocate for some field work.

Day 8: (10/14/2013)
Round 1: 7.5 minutes of wind and then sleet.
Break: Ran to car.
Round 2: Drove to work in deluge of sleet.

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