Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disc golf shoes.

Disc Golf is hard on shoes. It's damn near on par with skateboarding or tennis. I drag my left toe when throwing a back hand - and my home courses have quite a few concrete tee pads that just destroy my toes.

At the beginning of the summer I picked up some Chacos which make for some nice walking shoes and pretty damn good dg support, but most courses around me have enough weeds and scree to want an actual shoe for protection. SierraTradingPost had some Chaco PedShed with a Vibram sole that looked really nice for < $40 so I figured why not.

Bad call.

Specifically on the PedShed - which has a seam running across the front of the shoe that holds the toe cap down. It took about a month to wear through the seam and my left foot now has a nice 4" open flap on the left shoe.

So needless to say, I've been trying a few other shoes - light hiking boots are typically a good option for support and traction but if you're in and out of water - it's a pain and they're going to be hotter than sandles. The bonus w/ hiking boots though is that on morning rounds when the grass is wet, you can stay dry for at least a while - where running shoes or chaco sandles are going to be wet pretty much instantly.

No slam dunks - everything comes with a little draw back.

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  1. Wow, Puma Golf IGNITE PWRADAPT disc golf shoes are crazy comfortable! Walking around in my house I didn’t think they had that much cushion, but when I stepped onto the course they really performed! I feel very connected to the ground, very stable, and grip/traction is good. I love the way they look too. Other reviewers are right... order 1/2 size smaller than usual because they do run a little long.