Monday, October 21, 2013

Frosty cold ones

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these discs
from the swift completion of their appointed rounds
I have two kids. When you have kids you face some new situations.

For example, a few years back, I was walking into the front doors of my local Target. Just as I walk in, I look up and see myself on their TV monitoring system that lets you know that CIVILIAN - YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. 

In that split second, I see something terrible.

I look down from the monitor to the thigh of my jeans. There sits an unmistakable crusty and amoeba shaped... splooge.

What had happened was my daughter had burped up some milk and I had failed to notice it. It dried and remained un-noticed and nobody in my family mentioned this to me.

What LOOKED like happened... was that I ejaculated all over my leg and then, like a world class pervert, couldn't be bothered to clean it up before heading to Target.

I say that, but the truth is that this wouldn't be a human sized ejaculation. This would be if I'd just finished giving a hand jibber to a baleen whale.

What's with this long and non-disc golf related preamble? When you have kids - your time gets diced up quickly and some days all that you are left with is 30 minutes of free time at 7am... in a field covered in snow to practice putting with frozen fingers and snow filled putters.

That said, whatever doubts I've had about this 30 days of putting are long gone. My putting (in games and practice) is getting substantially better, my confidence at 25' is feeling so much higher. I still miss from 25' - but I'm hitting 5/6 shots in my first round of practice.

I've been breaking a Mark Ellis rule pretty badly though. I am using 6 putters, 2 aviars of different weight, 3 vibrams (all different models) and a Lat64 Pure 175. Part of this is due to me being unsure what putters I really like the most - because I'm still trying to figure that out.

Aviars seem to have the most glide of the bunch, but the Vibrams have a great feel in my hand. The Lat64 Pure is just dead straight and that's nice. At some point pretty soon, I'm gonna have to just stick with 1 putter, but for now I'll just break the rules.

Day 12 : (10/21/2013)
Round 1: 25' mark is feeling good. Great even.
Round 2: 25' mark is feeling less good, but still not bad.

Day 13 : (10/22/2013)
Round 1: Spent some time doing the straddle put. It's still more consistent at 20'.
Break: 100' forehands and snappy short back hands
Round 2: As usual, round 2 feels much harder.

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